Registration for Jökulsárhlaup 2024 starts March 1st, 12 at noon.


Next run is on 10th of august 2024 after :









General informations

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You can choose from three race distances in Dettifoss trail run: 32,7 km, 21,2 km and 13 km. Longest race starts from Dettifoss. Middle distance starts from Hólmatungur and the shortest race starts from Hljóðaklettar (Vesturdalur). All the races end on the same finnish line in Ásbyrgi.

Starting time for the races are as follow: race from Dettifoss starts  10:30 am, race starts from Hólmatungur  11:30 am and from Hljóðaklettar the runners start at 12:30 pm. This is done in that order to make sure that all the runners are crossing the finnish line at similar times.

Timing stops at 03:30 pm and shortly after that the award ceremony for first 3 places starts.

There are 5 drink stations on the trail from Dettifoss, 4 from Hólmatungur and 3 from Hljóðaklettar.
Please look at the map on this page for more details. 

Runners must sign in at Gljúfrastofa Visitor Centre in Ásbyrgi on Saturday, August 10th to receive their running number. The Visitor Centre rest room downstairs can be used for changing clothes.

Sign-in time depends on running distance. Runners are kindly asked to respect time limits and sign up in time. The time schedule is as follows:

The time schedule is as follows:
Race distance  Sign in at visitor centre   Bus leaves    Race starts 
Dettifoss - Ásbyrgi  08:00  09:20  10:30
Hólmatungur - Ásbyrgi  09:20  10:30  11:30
Hljóðaklettar - Ásbyrgi  10:30  11:40  12:30

Buses will transport runners to each of the three starting posts. Conditions vary from point to point, but runners should have 10-20 minutes to warm up before the run. None of the starting posts has changing facilities only dry toilets.
Runners can leave marked bags with clothing etc. on the bus to pick up in Ásbyrgi after the race. No responsibility is taken for valuables in these bags.

Registration for the race starts on March 1st, at 12:00 am and closes on 1st of August or when the run is full.

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There are three distances to choose from, Hljóðaklettar 13km - Hólmatungur 21.2km -
Dettifoss 32.7km All great trails!

Hólmatungur - Ásbyrgi
16.000 kr.

  • Drink stations
  • Buses to the start
  • Refreshment at finish line
  • Security on trail
  • Ambulace at finish line
  • Good weather :)

Hljóðaklettar - Ásbyrgi
13.000 kr.

  • Drink stations
  • Buses to the start
  • Refreshment at finish line
  • Security on trail
  • Ambulance at finish line
  • Good weather :)

Map of the trail